Multichannel EO observation system “Buzzurd”

Multichannel EO observation system is meant for detection and recognition of objects, surveillance of the territory in wide spectrum of visible and IR radiation.

The system can be used on mobile and stationery complex.

It’s consist of combination of different EO devices (thermal imaging and low-level television cameras) and guidance system «Virage».

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Depending on EO devices, the system can be used in surveillance complex for medium and long distances.

Depending on current tasks, the system can be completed with the following EO devices:

  1. Uncooled thermal imaging camera «Owl», f’ = 100, 130,180 mm;
  2. Cooled thermal imaging camera «Golden Eagle», continuous zoom 20-320 mm;
  3. Low-light level TV camera «Merlin» , f’ = 200 mm;
  4. Dual FOV low-light level TV camera «Harpy», f’ = 150/30 mm;
  5. Dual band surveillance system “Griffin”, f’ = 132/58 mm.


  • laser rangefinder
  • electronic stabilization
  • digital image stabilization