Hand-held thermal imaging camera “Harrier”

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The thermal imaging camera “Harrier” is meant for day-night search and observation of objects in gentle and adverse weather conditions and under jamming conditions while controlling the selected area, searching and rescuing, detecting hot spots. Electronic range finding reticle  allows finding the range to the object and angular coordinates.

The advanced technology of uncooled microbolometers is used in thermal imager ”Harrier”. The camera operates in LW and IR range. The main part of intrinsic electromagnetic radiation of the majority of natural and artificial objects, surrounding us, is concentrated in IR spectrum area. The application of high quality Germanium optics enables to effectively use the microbolometer capabilities. The possible connection of external power source and monitor allows using “Harrier” in stationary or mobile variants.

The “Harrier” thermal imager is unique uncooled miniature thermal imaging camera, developed and manufactured fully in Russia.


FPAaSi/VOx Microbolometer
Pixel Count (Resolution)384 × 288
Pixel Size, µm25
Thermal Sensitivity, mК< 70
Start-up Time, @ 25°С, sec< 30
Objective Focal Length, mm70100
FOV (H x V)10,97° × 8,24°7,69° × 5,77°
Human detection range, m1 7002 400
Human recognition range, m550800
Output SignalGOST 7845-92
Power Source, V7,2
Operating Temperature-20°С to +50°С (standard battery)
-30°С to +50°С (external power source)
Storage Temperature-50°С to +70°С
Dimensions, mm200 × 145 × 90 (at f’=70 mm)
240 × 160 × 120 (at f’=100 mm)
255 × 165 × 137 (at f’=130 mm)
anti-shock, waterproof
Weight, kg1,5 (at f’=70 mm)
1,7 (at f’=100 mm)
1,9 (at f’=130 mm)