Hand-held RSTA system “Harrier-RF”

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The hand-held thermal imaging camera “Harrier” with rangefinder is meant for day-night search, detection and observation of objects, as well as for finding the range to the measuring point, azimuth and elevation.

The advanced uncooled microbolometer and eye-safe laser rangefinder technologies are used in the camera “Harrier”. The camera operates in LW IR range, and the laser range finder has eye-safe wave length. Such combination of the modern technologies allows to effectively  use the camera in any safety and protection systems and when searching and rescuing.

In-built image recording system enables the documentation within all the operating time of the camera.

The thermal imaging camera “Harrier RF” – the unique hand-held uncooled thermal imaging camera, developed and manufactured fully in Russia.


FPAVOx microbolometer
Pixel count (resolution)384 × 288
(option - 640 × 480)
Pixel Size, µm25
Objective Focal Length, mm100130
FOV, (H x V)5,5° × 4,1°4,2° × 3,2°
Human detection range, m3 4004 400
Human recognition range, m1 1001 400
Wavelength of laser range finder, nm1 550
Measurement accuracyrange, mazimuth, degreeelevation, degree
± 3 (50 – 1 500м)
± 5 (<50м/ >1 500м)
0,25 (1σ)
0,5 (2σ)
0,1 (1σ)
0,2 (2σ)
Measurement range of LRF, m5 … 3 000
Viewfinder display/ Output formatOLED (800×600)/ GOST 7845-92
RecordingAVI (Compact Flash, 4 Gb)
Power source, V7,2/ 12 (from external source)
Operating temperature-20°С to +50°С
Dimensions, mm280×160×110 (at f’=100 mm)
280×160×140 (at f’=130 mm)
Weight, kg2,4 (at f’=100 mm)
2,6 (at f’=130 mm)

* – lens can be supplied under customer demand