Cooled thermal imaging camera “Golden eagle”

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The cooled thermal imaging camera “Golden Eagle” means for day-night detection, recognition and observation of objects at long distances.

The advanced technology of cooled  InSb FPAs is used in the thermal imaging camera  “Golden Eagle”. The camera operates in MW IR range.

The zoom lens allows recognizing the objects in wide range.


Pixel Count (Resolution)640 × 512
Pixel size, µm15
Thermal Sensitivity, mK40
Starting time @ 25°С, min< 8
Human detection range, m18 000
Human recognition range, m6 000
FOV 27,5° × 22° - 1,7° × 1,4°
Focal length of continuous zoom, mm20 - 320
Minimum Focus Distance, m< 50
Output signalGOST 7845-92
Power Source, V12
Operating Temperature-40°С to +50°С
Storage Temperature-50°С to +70°С

Recalculation of optical system is possible on request of the Customer