Active-matrix microdisplays based on organic LEDs MDО 01

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Microdisplays MDО 01 FC (full color) and MDО 01 МW (monochrome white) are meant for reproducing alphanumeric and graphical information in the individual information display devices, such as head or helmet video modules, virtual reality glasses, visualization devices and viewfinders of photo and video cameras, thermal imagers, etc.


Number of imaging elements852 x 600 (х3)
Pitch of imaging elements, µm15
Size of imaging area, mm12,78 х 9,0
Dimensions, mm19,78 х 15,2 х 5,0
Brightness in white color (frontal), cd/m2, no less70 for MDО 01 FC
150 for MDО 01 MW
Brightness uniformity, %, more85
Weight, gr., no more2
Intrinsic brightness contrast, per unit value, no less100:1
Gray gradation number (gray levels), per unit value256
Operating temperature range, °Сminus 40 … +55
Storage temperature, °Сminus 60 … +90
Increased relative humidity at temperature 25 °С, %85