2-FOV low-light level TV camera “Harpy”

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2-FOV low-light level TV camera «Harpy» is meant for detection and recognition of objects as well as for surveillance and observation in wide illuminance range.

The original coaxial design of the lens, based on which the  optical circuit is made, allows simultaneously detecting the objects in wide FOV and recognizing in narrow FOV without mechanical switching. The use of sensitive CCD with digital signal processing and very high quality lens with large relative aperture allows observing objects in real time under very low light conditions.


  • Stationary and mobile mounted surveillance system
  • Search and Rescue systems
  • Borderline surveillance
  • Public security
  • Control of important facilities
  • Natural resource monitoring
  • Protection of public order


Focal Plane ArrayCCD array
Pixel Count (Resolution)752 × 582
System resolution570
Start-up time, @ ≤0°С, sec< 5
Objective Focal Length, mm150/ 30
- WFOV12,3° × 9,2°
- NFOV2,47° × 1,84°
Human detection range, m
- WFOV (f` = 30 mm)4 500
- NFOV (f` = 30 mm)22 500
Human recognition range, m
- WFOV (f` = 30 mm)1 500
- NFOV (f` = 30 mm)7 500
Minimum Focus Distance, m< 50
Output signalGOST 7845-92
Power Source, V12
Operating Temperature-40°С to +50°С

* Recalculation of optical system is possible on request of the Customer.