The Central Research Institute «Cyclone» was established in June 1961 within the framework of the Ministry of electronic industry of the USSR. Today it is a large knowledge-intensive research and manufacturing enterprise known for its developments and products in our country as well as abroad. The enterprise has the full development and manufacturing cycle of the wide range of electronic and optic, including thermal imaging devices and main accessories for their reproduction, being the single certified manufacturer and developer of the uncooled thermal imagers in the Russian Federation.

JSC CRI «Cyclone» is a part of JSC «Ruselectronics» – the largest industrial holding company which comprises of 123 enterprises of Electronic Industry. In turn, JSC «Ruselectronics» is a part of the State Corporation «Rostec».

Nowadays, «Cyclone» fulfills the large scale works in the field of modifying and developing the unique production of uncooled and cooled thermal imaging core and cameras as well as developing and manufacturing the state-of-the-art microdisplays based on emitting organic LEDs and systems on their basis.

The priority areas in this field are as follows:

    • Development of electro-optical devices of different application, including RSTA, TWS, gyro stabilized platforms and fire control systems on their basis;
    • Production of multispectral thermal imaging systems based on QWIP, T2SL type detectors, and microbolometer arrays and other detectors;
    • Production of coaxial 2-FOV TV-thermal imaging systems;
    • Development and production of complex and multispectral electro-optical systems with eye-safe laser rangefinders;
    • Development and production of lens and their components with 0,2-14 µm spectral band and aspherical diffractive components, produced by means of diamond cutting;
    • Special applications – system technology, circuit technology, algorithm technology, programming, material technology and etc.;
    • Organic electro-optics and microelectronics based on electro- and photoactive organic and polymeric materials including none-organic nanomaterials;
    • Printed and hybrid electronics technology based on R2R continuous technologies;
    • Certification of foreign electronic components, used in the process of manufacturing of machine vision system as well;
    • Serial production of OLED microdisplays;
    • Organization of serial production of 160×120, 384×288, 640×480 and 1024×1024 microbolometers.

On the basis of developed photodetectors, low-light level television and thermal imaging modules the Institute produced a number of machine vision systems for multipurpose surveillance in a wide spectral range. The systems have high resolution and quality of television and thermal images.

Systems and devices are certified, specially marked and supplied to Ministry of Defense, FSB, Ministry of the Interior, RF Emergencies Ministry, other departments and commercial customers.